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In this month's tasting episode, MS Chris Tanghe sits down with Ray Sholes of Michael's Genuine in Miami. Ray shares his approach to blind tasting and how he applies it to his buying habits for the restaurant's list. Then, GuildSomm Executive Director Jenny Hemmer speaks with GuildSomm alum Kelli White to hear her perspective on the blind tasting skillset. Kelli is the director of education for Meadowood in Napa Valley and the author of "Napa Valley, Then & Now," a magnificent tome on all things Napa.
Following each conversation, you'll hear Ray and Kelli blind taste the same wine. Listen closely and see if you can guess the wine along with them!
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In this episode, GuildSomm Executive Director Jenny Hemmer speaks with Rob McMillan and Philana Bouvier to explore consumer trends in the beverage industry. Rob is the executive vice president and founder of Silicon Valley Bank’s Wine Division, which publishes the annual State of the Wine Industry Report. Philana is a visionary leader and the president of Demeine Estates in Napa Valley.

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