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In this episode of the Tasting with GuildSomm series, longtime member Ryan Robinson speaks with Emily Nixon about the development of his blind tasting methods, how to find mentors and study groups, and how be became the first Idaho resident to pass the CMS Advanced Exam. Ryan also leads a blind tasting of one wine; can you discern the grape, region, and vintage based on Ryan's description?

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In this episode, Chris Tanghe hosts Ruinart Chef de Cave, Frédéric Panaïotis. They discuss the storied past of the Ruinart estate within the broader context of Champagne's history, as well as how the region continues to develop as its producers look to the future. Frédéric also gives a preview of this year's Ruinart Challenge lecture, centered on the topic of cork.  
All active GuildSomm members are welcome to apply to the Ruinart Challenge. We're still accepting applications for these events in Dallas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Check for more information on how to apply before June 13.
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