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In this episode, Chris Tanghe hosts Ruinart Chef de Cave, Frédéric Panaïotis. They discuss the storied past of the Ruinart estate within the broader context of Champagne's history, as well as how the region continues to develop as its producers look to the future. Frédéric also gives a preview of this year's Ruinart Challenge lecture, centered on the topic of cork.  
All active GuildSomm members are welcome to apply to the Ruinart Challenge. We're still accepting applications for these events in Dallas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Check for more information on how to apply before June 13.
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We're adding a regular tasting series to the GuildSomm podcast! In addition to our monthly wine topics, we'll be releasing monthly podcast episodes devoted to theme of tasting. We'll cover a wide spectrum of tasting subjects, including blind tasting study methods, challenging comparatives, full-length tasting sessions with GuildSomm members, and more.

To kick off the first episode in this new series, Director of Education MS Chris Tanghe introduces GuildSomm's new Executive Director, Jenny Hemmer. They discuss why blind tasting is so much more than a parlor trick and why this skillset is essential for a successful wine career. 

We hope you enjoy this new series. Leave us a comment and review wherever you get your podcasts. Cheers!

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In this episode, Chris Tanghe discusses pairing food and wine with Master Sommeliers Andrea Robinson and Max Kast. They cover their basic guidelines for selecting pairings, share some favorite pairings that are consistently successful, and offer advice on pairings to avoid. 
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In this episode, we continue our Emerging Wine Regions series and explore several states producing wines off the beaten path in the United States. First, Chris Tanghe interviews Master Sommelier Madeline Triffon about the wines produced across Michigan. Madeline is famously the first American woman to pass the Master Sommelier exam, and has witnessed the Michigan wine industry develop since she began her career in the 1970s in Detroit. Then, Chris speaks with Jessica Dupuy, wine journalist and author of The Wines of Southwest U.S.A., about the exciting and unexpected wines being grown in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. 

Blind tasting guest Paula de Pano reveals the wine she and Emily Nixon tasted on the Rum podcast episode. Stay tuned for another blind tasting feature in a bonus episode coming soon. 

To learn more about becoming a GuildSomm member, visit us at

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In this episode, Master Sommelier Chris Tanghe explores the vast world of rum. First, he interviews Shawn Martin, Distillery Manager of Papa's Pilar Rum in Key West, who discusses the production methods used to make myriad styles of rum. Then, Chris speaks with Ian Burrell, the Global Rum Ambassador, about rum's origins in the Caribbean, how the colonial power of the Royal Navy informs the legacy of rum, and how the category continues to evolve, and more.

This month’s blind tasting segment with Emily Nixon features Paula de Pano, proprietor of forthcoming wine shop Rocks + Acid in Chapel Hill. Can you identify the grape and region purely based on Paula's tasting note? Additionally, Kelly Coggins reveals the wine he presented in the Emerging Regions: Vermont & The Finger Lakes episode

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